ET&F pins are specified by name in James Hardie Building Product's ICC Evaluation Service Reports ESR-1844 for HardiePanel and ESR-2290 for HardiePlank and also in national building code reports of several other brands of fiber cement siding. ET&F pins are further recognized for use with James Hardie brand siding in Florida product approval FL10892. This recognition is the result of several test programs jointly sponsored by James Hardie Building Products and ET&F.


Testing has shown that different siding applications require different fasteners. To determine which fastener is right for your project, several parameters must be known:

- What is the thickness (i.e. gauge) of the steel stud framing?

Studs must be minimum 33 mil (20ga) to use pin fasteners with fiber cement siding. Generally, maximum stud thickness is limited to 97 mil (12ga).

- What is the total thickness of material being fastened?

To determine fastener length, add the thickness of siding plus insulation and/or sheathing, plus stud thickness and add a minimum 5/16in so that the pin point completely protrudes through the metal stud.

- Which siding product is being installed, lap siding, panel products or trim?

See tool and fastener selection guide below.

- If installing lap siding, will the fastener pattern be blind nailed or face nailed?


For blind nailing applications, use the Model 510 Panelfast® tool and AGS-100 series pins with 5/16in diameter heads. The large head provides maximum clamping force which securely fastens each board. Blind nailing is the most common method for siding installation as it conceals most of the fasteners.

For face nailing installation, use the Model 610 tool with AKN-100-XXXX HA series pins. The 1/4in diameter heads of the AKN-100 pins are less visible and are preferred by James Hardie for this application. (Note that other siding manufacturers recommend the same pins for both blind nailing and face nailing applications.) Face nailing is usually specified in areas of high wind and/or when the exposure of the plank is eight inches or greater.


This siding is supplied in 4 X 8in sheets and is face nailed to the framing. Use the Model 610 tool with AKN-100-XXXX HA series pins. As with face nailing lap siding, the AKN-100 series pins with 1/4in heads are specified for use with panel siding for aesthetic reasons.


Fiber cement trim is a decorative, non-load bearing product that is available in a variety of thickness from 7/16in to 1in. For installations requireing fasteners 2in or shorter, use the Model 110A Trimfast® tool with AST-075 trim head pins. For difficult jobs requiring pins up to 3in long, use the Model 210 heavy duty Trimfast® tool and AST-100 pins. Consult trim manufacturers instructions for fastening requirements for specific trim products.